What is a HuddleUp?


hud·​dle·up | \ ˈhə-dᵊl up \
To come together in a small and/or specific group, often to discuss something privately…


People yearn to be connected: in families, in organizations, in businesses, in sports, and in life.  The challenge we all face today is creating authentic, genuine relationships in a less connected world.

During a quick lunch, a few community-focused professionals created a hypothesis:  “People want to increase their professional networks for more reasons than JUST growing their business.  People want a place where one’s title can be left at the door, the elevator speech can be left on the elevator, and true, authentic relationships can be developed.  Business relationships take place between people who genuinely understand and appreciate each other.”

The HuddleUps process was forged out of hundreds of hours of ‘test-runs’ with professionals JUST LIKE YOU who wanted a group of people they can lean on to expand their personal network and gain a great deal of personal insight into the challenges they are facing.

Today, HuddleUps are forming in new cities by local leaders who are looking for less online and more offline relationships, where authenticity is key. 



HuddlesUPs include some of the best leaders in our communities.  Leadership is not defined by role, but by that which you “pour into” the people around you.  HuddlesUps was created to create REAL relationships in a world that is increasingly more transactional in nature.

  • Local focus – our HuddleUps are composed of people you know, from businesses you know, working on projects you understand.

  • Personal / Professional Development – Taking time to grow in your role is very important.  The HuddleUp format creates a consistent place for honest, usable feedback

  • Relationships, not business cards – We are focused on authentic relationships.  We firmly believe business takes place between people who genuinely trust each other.

  • Efficient Process  – Utilizing core LEAN principles, you will be amazed by how much can get covered in an hour.

If you are interested in starting up your own HuddleUp, please engage our team via the chat!


Make our communities better by creating better people, better relationships, and honest friendships.

Check egos at the door, this is a place of teamwork, transparency, and collaboration.

Our groups will blend different backgrounds, experiences, and perspectives within a team. Further, there will be support for a collaborative environment that values open participation from individuals with different ideas and perspectives that has a positive impact on business.

We will foster an environment that is entrepreneurial, innovative and creative to maximize the strengths of the group.



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